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Blockchain is to become integrated into the real manufacturing business

It becomes evident that decentralized technologies, which are only a financial instrument now, can also be used in the fields of industry and trade in connection with the active expansion of cryptocurrency around the world.

As shown by the analysis of multiple manufacturing companies, many of them are characterized by the following problems:

– lack of any effective automatized performance record. Because of the discrimination of a portion of worker force, inherent to currently available performance record systems, every attempt to create an effective system of motivation for those employed at manufacturing companies has failed;

– difficulty in establishing partnership links with regular customers. As of now, discount systems and terms of extension of payment for sold goods are not standardized, and are, subsequently, inconsistent with each other.

Following, described one of our solution:

Project objective: development of a new technological platform (an ecosystem) «ManuCo», based on the capital of the eponymous independent cryptocurrency «ManuCo». This developed platform would allow to merge a variety of initially disconnected subjects (such as company employees, investors, dealers and suppliers) to concentrate their combined efforts on reputation improvement, and, consequently, on capitalization of the developed cryptocurrency.

First element of «ManuCo» platform is an insurance and investment fund «Platinum», created to protect every investor and to ensure stability of the eponymous cryptocurrency by keeping its volatility on a level acceptable to both investors and parties who manage daily operations.

Second element of «ManuCo» platform is its own cryptocurrency exchange which enables quick purchase, sale and any other exchange operations with «ManuCo» cryptocurrency.

Third and the most important element of «ManuCo» project is aggressive promotion of «Platinum» cryptocurrency itself, as well as production control system based on it, among real business companies.

The implementation of this idea is based on the experience of one corporate group, which specializes in production of technological equipment for industrial and retail companies. With a long experience in organization of IT services in industrial, financial and engineering spheres, as well as their support, factory team has made a unanimous decision to implement new blockchain technology into its actual business.

Our project offers to introduce cryptocurrency circulation to the company’s production and trading processes. Such complex monetization, extended to cover each individual operation as well as the salary system, will allow an objective assessment of the work done by the employees at the same time directing their motivation to increase productivity and its quality.

«ManuCo» project offers to make cryptocurrency a joint financial instrument for both calculating the discount and charging the extension of payment for merchandise. Using the fundamental nature of the cryptocurrency, buyers, suppliers, investors, as well as ordinary employees of the company can exchange it with each other, automatically leading the production and sales system to the most efficient distribution of commodity and money resources among all the participants. In addition, the use of crypto coins will provide the most favorable conditions for corporate customers, allowing them to increase their market presence, while reducing the speed of goods delivery to the real consumer.

Conclusion: As a result of our project’s implementation, «ManuCo» coins, created for use as a payment method in a closed ecosystem, will receive three important reliability levels:

– stability of circulation and potential for increasing the turnover of coins by adapting our cryptocurrency to the operational activities of real business enterprises;

– investment and payment reliability due to prompt participation in the work of the investment and insurance fund;

– increased speed and convenience of all exchange operations as a result of having own cryptocurrency exchange as well as registering «ManuCo» cryptocurrency on world’s leading cryptocurrency trade and exchange platforms.

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