Digital Wallet

Payment platform operating online payments, money transfers and serves as an electronic alternative to the traditional paper methods like checks and money orders. Platform is similar to worldwide recognized systems such as PayPal.

With our platform your customers can transfer money between their accounts, reload accounts with major credit cards and major payment system, convert currencies and use cryptocurrencies.

Capable of integrations with any systems. For example, if you run an MVNO or MVNE you can easily integrate this platform for SIM card recharges.  Offer your customers possibility to integrate your payment gateway into ther web sites and much more...

Set of API's allowing developers to create payment part of applications easily.

Basic Features


Support ticketing system to provide professional support


Full multilingual support is included in the platform


Email and SMS notifications for any kind of transactions

Merchant Account

Receiving payments on third-party sites and instant notification system


One wallet can handle up to six different currencies

Account Levels

4 levels of account identification and ACL differentiation


Transaction protection and the opportunity to get refund

Financial Operations

Domestic money transfers, deposits and withdrawal of funds, currency exchange

User Management

Tools and access control levels for the wallet platform

Full Features List

General Features

  • Simplistic and intuitive interface
  • Highly secured database
  • Secured web interface
  • Administrative web interface with three-level ACL's
  • Anti-fraud module
  • Online wallet creation by user registration.
  • One-time SMS/Email passwords are used for online authentication
  • User wallet dashboard showing current balance of main wallet and its subaccounts.
  • Wallet base currency can be USD, EUR or any other fiat currencies. Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other virtual or crypto currencies or tokens are supported
  • Wallet supports multi-currency account
  • Wallet supports internal and external sub-accounts (i.e. for linked Sim Card, Global Wifi)
  • Log for all wallet transactions
  • Wallet suspending/blocking/unblocking


Top-up and Withdrawals

  • Top-up wallet balance with any major credit card online: Visa Credit, Visa Debit, MasterCard, MasterCard Debit and American Express. When Diners or JCB cards are required, please make an inquiry with assigned contact person or send an email to
  • Top-up wallet balance via bank wire transfer (EFT)
  • Top-up wallet balance with pre-paid coupons
  • Top-up wallet balance for crypto currencies Bitcoin and Ethereum
  • Top-up wallet with conversion
  • Request balance transfer from another user on-net and off-net
  • Send money to another user wallet
  • Funds withdrawal to a major online payment systems such as PayPal, Skrill, etc...
  • Funds withdrawal from the wallet to prepaid Visa or MasterCard or withdrawal to bank account
  • Funds withdrawal in wallet currency or with conversion
  • Wallet auto top-up by reaching certain conditions (balance is less then certain amount, every X days, on specific date)
  • Wallet auto withdraw money by reaching certain conditions( balance is more than X amount, every X days, on specific date)



  • Wallet transaction report (transfers in and out)
  • Subaccount transaction report (in and out)
  • Transaction report by wallet and by payment mean: credit card, wire transfer, coupon, virtual currencies, etc…
  • Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly turnover report
  • Antifraud reports
  • Failure and successful card charges report



  • Customized wallet mobile app for Android and IOS*

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