IBIS FLY SIM is perfect for roaming. With Ibis FLY SIM you can access internet for maps, web browsing and your e-mail account for much lower cost than with your local operator. Data is billed in 10KB increments. However, note that data roaming is still more expensive than voice calls.

IBIS FLY SIM supports also voice calls through mobile networks at a low cost. Number of additional valuable services is supported also on the single sim-card. You will find all related information below or at our website www.ibismob.com


Unlimited Chat Worldwide!

IBIS FLY SIM allows to communicate with your friends worldwide via Viber, Facebook messenger and WhatsApp with no limits.


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If you are owner of retail locations, travel industry or corporate supplier, website operator or just want to build serious retail telecommunication business, then IBIS FLY SIM is the best choice of generating additional revenue. We offer high commission fees to our partners not only for sale of sim cards, but on every account recharge by your customers.


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M2M and IoT Data Option!

IBIS FLY SIM supports extended M2M functionality to ensure secure connectivity channel and full compatibility of your existing M2M/IoT platforms with Sim management system, allowing to securely manage all your Sim settings from one interface. Different types of supported sim standards ensure compatibility with your hardware, and unified global data prices bring additional profits to your business while cutting operational costs.

With advanced IBIS Systems mobile solutions you can control all the process from your mobile phone, what makes your business truly flexible.


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With Ibis Mobile It has never been easier to start a retail telecom business. Take advantage of our Business-in-a-box solution and start your new business in less than 10 days with minimal costs.

We provide all the tools and applications you need to get started. If required, you will be advised by our marketing experts about how start your marketing campaigns, no matter in which part of the world you plan to do the business.

Customers can be directed to your own customised website, which we will provide, and money from orders placed on the website will be going directly to your account via electronic means such as Credit card, Paypal, Skrill or any other means. In case you already have a website, our specialists will perform integration of API functionality by your request.
In only 14 days, the money could start be rolling in!


In addition to international roaming voice and data services , your customers can enjoy additional value added services, which are bundled with our product. Heavy travellers might appreciate the Mobile Miles service, which will award them with miles for every minute they spend on the phone. Conference calls are handy when you need to connect several teams in different parts of the world. Skype-to-Ibis Sim calls are available for friends and family to reach Ibis Sim users via collect calling, and multiple voice packages and data packages are also included.