Quantum Cryptography

With the rise of the internet, the importance of cryptography is growing every day. Unfortunately, standard encryption schemes are often based on unproven computational assumptions such as the hardness of factoring large integers and are thus vulnerable to unanticipated advances in hardware and code-breaking including the construction of a large-scale quantum computer. Indeed, in 1994 Peter Shor invented a quantum algorithm for efficient factoring—thus breaking standard encryption schemes including RSA. As Gilles Brassard, a co-inventor of quantum cryptography, says, if a large-scale quantum computer is ever built, much of conventional cryptography will fall apart. Many scientists and engineers are racing in the world to address the grand challenge of building a large-scale quantum computer these days.
Some time ago IBIS started project related in a way to Quantum Cryptography and leaded by our CTO Dr. Roman Dinkevych.
You are welcome to contact him by going to our online contact form.